Talk About a Time when You Encouraged Someone to Do Something that He/she Didn’t Want to Do

Talk about a time when you encouraged someone to do something that he/she didn’t want to do

  • Who he or she is?
  • What do you encourage him/her to do?
  • How does he/she react?
  • Why do you encourage him/her?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Time when You Encouraged Someone to Do Something that He/she Didn’t Want to Do

Nowadays giving Suggestions to some people can do little bit negative way but I met this person Who is my colleague her name is Nikita she has been stressed about what to do next in her life she has just graduated, and she was thinking about the Google could you for that I told her to give an exam which is very much important for teachers because of it she’ll get high salary Anne how could you will also grow, and she will also gain in-depth knowledge about teaching also so it is much more essential if she will give this exam. First, she just reacted to how I was going to do it. She has some financial problems also she was just not sure that she would ace the exam, but I encouraged her that give your best no matter what don’t think about the results whether you pass or fail is not important triangles more important, so I think to try your best so that in future if you think about it, you will not regret it. She was very happy, but the suggestion and she gave a second thought about it after some days, and she was enthusiastic about going exam also she was preparing for the exam by hard-working, so I am very happy for her.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Time when You Encouraged Someone to Do Something that He/she Didn’t Want to Do

Question 1:- How could leaders encourage their employees?

Answer:- I think Leaders should not always Give orders and think that everyone will follow us if we just give the orders. A leader should be an enthusiastic leader should believe in team walking and also they should not give constant orders so that one person may feel down and he just think about quitting the job so they can encourage them by giving motivations talk to them or help them if they need it they can be polite and humble while they give instructions so that the organization runs smoothly.

Question 2:- When should parents encourage their children?

Answer:- I think parents should always encourage the children mostly when they are in their growing age Because this is the time when the children need more encouragement also then they are studying for the exams, or they want to do something you which is quite different from others need more positive talk they need constant encouragement from them so that they do not feel that they are letting them down for some reason they will not be depressed they will not be sad that they’re choosing the room option.

Question 3:- What kind of encouragement should parents give?

Answer:- Parents should give encouragement to the children that in this world of competition where everyone is thinking about becoming a successful person should not motivate yourself if you are not successful or if you are not following those footsteps you can be a little bit different from others this will also be a good example for others who cannot even achieve this achieve in their life. They should be happy, and they should be proud of their children for whatever decision they are going to make and tell them that they are there with them no matter what.

Question 4:- Do you think some people are better at persuading others?

Answer:- Yes, I think so; there are many people who post with other people to do their work. I have met so many people in my life who does this forced I can only think about my friend was my I can say classmate and my graduation she was a sweet talker who could persuade anyone to do the work once she asked one person to do her project first I was thinking how the person is going to accept it, but the way she talked with him impressed me so much today was just thinking about it how did this happen.

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