Describe a Story Someone Told You and You Remember

Describe a story someone told you and you remember

  • What the story was about?
  • Who told you this story?
  • Why did you remember it? And how do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Story Someone Told You and You Remember

Well, I heard so many stories in my childhood, and I enjoyed listening to stories from my grandmother. Here I would like to talk about my favourite childhood story of a farmer who teaches his sons the lesson of Unity. One day I fought with my brother, and at that time, my grandmother told us this story. There was a farmer who had four sons and always quarrelled with each other. The farmer was worried about it. So to give them the lesson he brought some sticks and gave to everyone and asked them to break them. All sons did it in no time. After that, the farmer gave every son a bunch of sticks and told them to break them. Now this time, no one could do. Then the farmer said, dear sons, if you will remain together, no one can harm you; otherwise, you will be like these broken sticks. Listening to this story, we realized our mistake, just like the sons of a farmer and felt sorry, and we promised our grandmother that we would never fight again. I admitted listening to his sorry brought a huge change in our behaviour and developed our relationship better. I still remember this story and the moral it gave to us because I can relate it to myself at that time. Overall this is my favourite story that I heard and still remember.

Follow-ups of Describe a Story Someone Told You and You Remember

Question 1:- Has storytelling changed over a period of time?

Answer:- Yes, definitely. The storytelling has changed a lot today as compared to the past. In the past times, grandparents usually narrated stories to their grandkids from their life experiences, and children enjoyed it at night before they slept. However, nowadays, the skill of storytelling is disappearing, and people make use of technology to tell stories to their kids. Several mobile applications, such as YouTube is, used to tell stories through videos.

Question 2:- Which way is better, traditional storytelling or the use of technology in storytelling?

Answer:- According to my perspective, the traditional way of storytelling was better than the use of technology because when children listen to stories from their parents or grandparents, they spend more time with them, and their bonding becomes stronger. Moreover, the imagination power of kids is also increased by the traditional way because they don’t see anything but just listen to the story and imagine everything in their mind.

Question 3:- Do you think that generally, most people are good at storytelling?

Answer:- It’s a very tricky question as it is difficult to generalize whether people are good at storytelling or not. I think that some are innate storytellers, and some develop this skill with the passage of time regardless of the thing that their stories are real or fake, but they have the skill to attract and bind their audience. So I think yes, people are good at storytelling.

Question 4:- What makes storytelling effective?

Answer:- Well, there are various things that make storytelling effective. First of all, the way in which the story is presented and good pronunciation used while telling the story makes the story attractive. In addition, the topic of the story, such as the topic related to some celebrities, attracts the youth, whereas fairy tales are mostly listened to by children.

Question 5:- Is it important to tell stories?

Answer:- Yes, of course, it is very important to tell stories because sometimes it is difficult to convey some messages through general conversation, which can be easily narrated by telling stories. Additionally, stories are good means of communication which is more enjoyable for everyone. Furthermore, it makes the mind sharp and increases the imaginative sense of tellers as well as listeners.

Question 6:- Is reading books beneficial or watching documentaries better?

Answer:- I think reading books is more beneficial than watching documentaries. Because reading books increases the knowledge and one can gain a lot of information. It improves our vocabulary of the specific language in which we read the book.

Question 7:- Do young children like the same stories as older children?

Answer:- No, I don’t think so that younger like the same stories as older children because older children like to have more crisp, mysteries and long stories with good morals while young children attract by particular characters and they like happy stories with happy endings. So there is a difference in the taste of both.

Question 8:- How has technology changed storytelling?

Answer:- Storytelling has changed with the evolvement of technology because now there are several applications such as youtube where videos are available, and parents just play the videos on this application, and kids listen to stories along with the video. In addition, animated stories are available that attracts children a lot, so that’s why children don’t prefer to listen to traditional stories.

Question 9:- How do people tell stories to children?

Answer:- According to my opinion, people tell stories to children by gathering them at one place then attracting them towards them by including different favourite characters. Moreover, they also ask questions to kids in between so that children don’t lose their interest and focus on the story.

Question 10:- Why do children like stories?

Answer:- I think children like stories due to various reasons. Firstly, they are introduced to several new places, creatures, characters and different ideas. More so, kids have more curiosity to listen and imagine the concept in their minds. So they find stories really interesting.

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