Recent Research Suggests that The Majority of Criminals Who Are Sent to Prison Commit Crimes

Recent research suggests that the majority of criminals who are sent to prison commit crimes after they are released. Why is this the case? What can be done to solve this problem?

It is an undeniable fact that the crime rate in the world has been burgeoning in recent years. The current research considers that a majority of offenders who came back from jail are committing more felonies. This essay intends to elaborate what is the reason behind these phenomena and how to root out them in upcoming paragraphs.

To embark with, there are numerous reasons why prisoners violate more crimes after release. Firstly, they meet a lot of offenders in prison who have done many capital offences. By socialising them, they acquire different new ways to commit misconduct. Additionally, in this present era, when criminals are released from jail, they find a lot of difficulties to find a job because the employers do not like to hire any offenders in their office and company. As a result, this rude and uncomfortable behaviour of society make them depressed and disappointed, and they start to commit crime again for money.

When it’s come to the solution to this problem, firstly, cell authorities ought to apply different rehabilitation methods on criminals such as they cater library amenity and prisoners should be motivated to read more books which assist them in doing new in their life. Apart from that, the government also should provide jobs to prisoners in jail and outside the Lockup. For example, in America, criminals have to do work in jail because, in this way, they can get the opportunities to acquire new skills, knowledge and professionalism. After release, they can continue these skills and professional in their further life, which will assist in making them financially strong.

To conclude, it is clear from the above discussion that although there are numerous reasons why criminal commits crime after prison, it can be solved by the government and reason authorities.

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