Doctors Recommend That Older People Exercise Regularly: Writing Task 2

Doctors recommend that older people exercise regularly, however, not many of them have an exercise routine. Why do you think it is happening? How can people be encouraged to exercise regularly?

The medical fraternity has recommended aged individuals exercise daily; however, many of them do not have an exercise routine. This essay will describe the reasons behind this and also some ways to encourage grey people for regular exercise.

To commence with the reasons, first, lack of awareness amongst old population about different methods for staying fit. To elaborate, minimal knowledge of health benefits from walking, yoga, basic stretchy exercises, etcetera keep old aged people in darkness, and eventually, they become prone to various diseases. For example, different yoga asanas can make a person s vision absolute fine, and older people can at least get rid of this problem. Moreover, a few old people are not in the habit of doing exercise. They have a lackadaisical Attitude toward their health and fitness routines. Hence it is very difficult for them to change their sedentary living style habits.

However, there are various measures to encourage them. First, public campaigns and programmes about health and tips to make fit by using regular exercises can be made happen. Since old people have plenty of leisure time, they can utilize it well by participating in these programmes to make their lives better by following guidelines. Furthermore, the family can also help an elderly person to do basic exercises at home as well. They can persuade the old population to join any health club or yoga session online /offline so that they do physical training regularly as per their limits.

To conclude, the essay entails the causes why the old population do not have an exercise routine and measures to tackle this problem. It is the need of the hour for elderly people to make the most benefit from regular exercise.

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