Movies and Computer Games Containing Violence Are Popular

Movies and computer games containing violence are popular. Some people say they have a negative effect on society and should be censored. Others say they are just harmless relaxation. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Films and games which show violent content are gaining momentum with time. Some individuals say that the same has to be prohibited as it is making our mindset toxic, while some people say that it is a source to relieve mental stress and is just made for entertainment. The same will be discussed in the above paragraphs thoroughly.

Nowadays, violent content plays a vital role in our society as teenagers and young age children are impacted the most. Due to the violent content, the rate of criminal activities has increased with time. An example is a case of the New Zealand firing incident in which the individual who shot fire at around 200 people was inspired by the game PUB G. In addition to this, a man in the USA executed 12 people, which was inspired by a Hollywood movie. Therefore many people demand an immediate ban on this violent content.

On the contrary to this, other people believe that it is just pure entertainment. To further explain this thing, a survey was conducted in Norway over 10000 candidates about the impact of violent content display in cinema and games, and around 60% of the candidate believed it as a source to relieve work pressure. Furthermore, most people think that they are mature enough to differentiate what is good and what is bad and what needs to be adopted. That’s why many people think that it should be continued and not be restricted.

After analyzing both views, I believe that nowadays, an individual is wise enough to differentiate a toxic and good content. If one feels that the content is not right, then one should avoid watching it rather implement a ban on it.

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