One of Your Colleagues Was in Charge of Organising an Annual Executive Conference,

One of your colleagues was in charge of organising an annual executive conference, and he/she has been successful in doing it. You want to congratulate your colleague on that. Write a letter to this colleague. In your letter,

  • Congratulate your colleague for successfully organising the event
  • Mention what you liked about it the most
  • Say how much you would like him/her to organise other events as well

Mr Kashif Hussain

Manager Event Management

Subject: Congratulation on Successful Event of Annual Executive Conference

Dear Kashif,

I would like to appreciate and congrats you on the exceptionally good arrangements for two days AEC of our organization. However, it is an art to learn and organize a big event like this, not a piece of cake.

I am very glad that I was a part of this event and acquired wonderful professional knowledge of our company products and business insights. Most I liked out about the event was the flow of presentations and time management, and the information which indulged us without any delays and time-killing activities.

I would be obliged if an opportunity is provided to me by your good self to learn and assist you in any upcoming event, so I shall be able to manage or organize any good event in future, especially the task of hosting and scriptwriting, to proceed successfully in any event.

Thanks & regards

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