The World Would Be a Better Place if Women Own the Leadership. Writing Task 2

The world would be a better place if women own the leadership. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

Some people hold the view that male domination of the various leadership positions in the world is the cause of disputes, unhealthy competition and tension between countries, while others hold firm to the belief that women are natural peacemakers and keepers of law and order. Personally, I agree with the assertion that female leaders make a better world.

Historically, there have been examples of women leading nations that excelled far above their peers ruled by men. One great example is Great Britain which is a country with an institutional monarchy headed by Queens. Britain has remained one of the world’s top powers because of being ruled by the fairer sex. While some may argue that some of these Queens waged wars, which leader is of no ambition? Such a leader would take his followers nowhere. Like a queen with ambition, Queen Victoria wanted to expand her domain and influence, which is the reason for trying to conquer lands such as India, Pakistan and China. We cannot fault her for that and undermine all the other good policies she and other Queens before and after her have done to make Britain the great nation that it is today.

Moreover, the first female president of Liberia gives the ideal example of women restoring peace and promoting the goodness agenda. Sirleaf Ellen Johnson took over a country that was ridden with wars, child soldiers causing havoc and citizens living in fear with most human rights denied. With the help of most of the women in the country rallying behind her and fighting for the cause of peace, Liberia is now one of the peaceful countries in Africa. Besides that, President Johnson, during her tenure of office, solved the problem of the country’s debts and increased foreign investments, which led to the betterment of the lives of citizens.

Furthermore, it has been long known that women, with the naturally bestowed mothering instinct, take better care of things put under their leadership. Women would rather seek a discussion where their male counterparts would exchange blows. The terrorist groups that wreak serious havoc internationally are headed by men. These acts of terrorism are what destroys the prosperity, peace and joy that so many nations work so hard for.

In conclusion, the world is a better place when leadership is held by selfless, ambitious and peaceful people. Women demonstrate these qualities and even more to make homes, nations and the world a more beautiful place to accommodate all.

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