People in Developed Countries Have the Tendency to Buy More

People in developed countries tend to buy more and more things whether they need them or not. Is it a positive or negative development?

Nowadays, due to increased employment opportunities in the counties leads to great earnings. The public in industrialised Nations developed a hobby of purchasing much equipment irrespective of their wants. Still, in developing countries like India, people only buy what is necessary for them. Buying unwanted things tends to hurt the development of a country. In the following essay, I will discuss why purchasing leads to a negative development.

Firstly, acquiring countless tools will lead to heavy expenditure. In other words, buying equipment that was unnecessary at household activities will consume a lot of money. For instance, a person who purchases things that are irrelevant to him leads to empty pockets. So it’s a waste of money to spend on those unwanted things; instead of spending money on those things, one can use it by saving and donating to orphans.

Another reason is that it shows a negative impact on the environment by polluting nature. These effects are pronounced. For example, a family with 4 people purchases 2 cars instead of buying one. Cars emit gases like CO2, which leads to pollution. So buying more things also shows a negative impact on nature.

In conclusion, I would like to sum up my views, acquiring countless things will lead to great expenses and also lead to pollution in the environment. So buying more and more things leads to a negative impact on our country.

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