You Came to Know About a Piece of Equipment That Would Help You at Your Workplace

You came to know about a piece of equipment that would help you at your workplace. Write a letter to your manager. In your letter

  • describe the equipment
  • explain how it might be helpful at your workplace
  • offer help in purchasing it.

Dear Sir

I am writing this to bring to your knowledge that our office printer is outdated and takes a lot of time while printing and scanning documents. To overcome this problem, there are printers and scanners available in the market with advanced technology. These modern scanners and printers save eighty per cent of the time and also scan bulk documents in one go. These printers require less ink than the ones which we use currently. Overall, it’s a time saver product with high usage. Also, they have a power backup feature also which does not let get the printer off when there is an electricity cut which, in my opinion, is a most important feature as it saves important work.

In terms of purchase, we will arrange the quotes from vendors. Also, EMI options can be arranged if a payment needs to be done this way. Also, I can arrange a demo of this product in the office for you before taking any decision. If needed in bulk, some special heavy discounts can also be arranged.

I request you to look over our concern and arrange this advanced technology Printer to save our time and efforts during work to deliver quality work.

Thanks, and Regards

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