Some People Think It Is Better for Children to Have Many Short Holidays During the Year

Some people think it is better for children to have many short holidays during the year. Others believe it would be beneficial to have fewer, longer vacations. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

When the topic of giving vacation is debated, there are divided opinions. A group of individuals conceive a notion that the short time vacation is good for the student throughout the year, although the rest consider that they should allocate longer leaves because it is meritorious for them. Both the sides have their own merits and demerits, which must be discussed in the ensuing write-up with my inclination.

Focusing on the former viewpoint, the utmost reason behind this case is that learner waste their golden period. To simplify, during holidays, almost every student mostly focuses on playing video games and watching t.v. Series as well as on virtual media platforms, which not only divert them from their study but also waste a lot of time without doing any productive work. Through this all thing they will learn nothing but only harm their body. So if they have a shorter period of holiday, then they might be less disrupted from regular learning.

However, those who are in favour of the latter view have their own argument. The foremost one is that children can spend time to recharge their self. In today’s competitive world, education becomes very tough, so students have to put more effort into learning. During their whole study, they feel more mental stress from examinations as well as from assignments. To overcome this and re-energize their self to learn further education, they need a long duration of time. Apart from this, pupil can identify their interest. Throughout the long holidays, students do a number of activities. In which they can find something interesting and can also get expertise. For example, one does many tasks on his vacation and finds that he is interested in cooking, so he can make his career in it.

To recapitulate and offer my position, I tend to believe that it is positive for children to have a long holiday because through that they can relax their self from complex education as well as they can find a field in which they have interest and help them to make money. These all things are only possible during the long duration of the vacation.

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