Some Scientists Think that Computers Will Soon Become More Intelligent than Humans

Some scientists think that computers will soon become more intelligent than humans. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is believed by some researchers that shortly, computers will be more shrewd as compared to human beings. I strongly disagree with this idea of computers becoming wiser than humans in the coming times, and in the following paragraphs, I will state my views with some examples.

The computer cannot work alone; it needs some instructions, which could be given by humans only through some programs that the system understands, and engineers can only create this programming logic as it needs specialized knowledge with a real-time thought process. For example, if a person wants to perform a small operation like writing on a notepad, the computer must have that logic fed in it; otherwise, it would be incomprehensible for the machine to execute a writing task. Therefore, it is inconceivable that computers will overtake persons’ reasoning and work on their own.

Additionally and more importantly, humans have only designed computers, so it is impractical to think of computers equivalent to humans. These machines have been designed with a clear intention of solving problems or making the daily tasks of individuals a lot easier. For instance, doing repetitive work takes a reasonable amount of time for any person, like sending many emails or communicating with someone sitting at the edge of the world through social media. Apart from these services that these electronic devices have been providing, it is never meant to overtake human brains, as to do so, it again needs some creational logic that could only be possible through an individual.

In conclusion, from the above-stated points, it seems an impossible task for computers to defeat humans’ minds and become more intelligent and also makes it very evident that these machines, in whatever era they are, need some human brain to be developed and be in sync with the coming generation.

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