Some Think that Governments Should Support Retired People Financially While Others Believe

Some think that governments should support retired people financially while others believe they should take care of themselves. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is believed by a few that financial assistance must be given to the senior citizens by legal authorities, whereas other section of society opines that it is the person’s responsibility to handle their situation. However, in my opinion, governments should provide help to retired individuals because they are unable to earn money for their livelihood.

To commence with, old age citizens do savings in their adulthood to enjoy their last stage of life. This is because they do not have to depend on someone else during this phase of life; consequently, they are not only able to handle their expenses on their own but also enjoy their golden years with dignity and self-respect. To corroborate this viewpoint further, various studies conducted in the USA stated that more than three-quarters of old age Americans spend their retired life by taking care of themselves without putting any burden on Law Ministry as they want to remain independent. Thus, people should not depend for their living on the government.

Why should governments aid in funding elderly people? The pertinent reason behind this is that retired individuals are not able to work due to their age, less energy and medical complications; thereby, higher authorities should provide pensions in the form of financial help to old age people so that they can easily deal with their daily expenses. The more government assistance, the better will be their golden years.

To recapitulate, although elderly people should be responsible for themselves, there is a need to help them by providing pensions.

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