Write a Letter to Your Manager to Report a Mistake You Found in A Magazine Article

Write a letter to your manager to report a mistake you found in a magazine article about your company. In your letter

  • Describe the magazine and the article.
  • What was the mistake?
  • Explain what you would like the manager to do about it.

Dear Mr Longstaff,

I am writing to inform you about something that might be unpleasant for us as a company, and I think this needs immediate attention by the parties involved and us.

Yesterday, I went to a bookstore to spend my weekend. I strolled around in the magazine section to find out something interesting; thus, I grabbed an InfoBank magazine to see if there was anything written about our company. I discovered that our company was featured in the magazine. Our new CEO, Mr Harwood-Bellis, was interviewed for his insight regarding the market outlook in 2021. The interview transcript was a comprehensive one, but I was a bit shocked when I saw the article’s photo at the bottom right of the article. It was Mr Gudmundsson’s, our new CEO’s predecessor, instead of the actual Mr Harwood-Bellis photo.

Based on this, I think we really should contact the magazine’s person in charge to find out why this happened. It might be a mistake on our part by giving the wrong photo, but I think the chances are next to none. I am pretty certain that the magazine’s editor wasn’t informed yet of the recent change of leadership in our company; therefore, the editor unknowingly still used Mr Gudmundsson’s photo from the previous interviews that they had.

We hereby attached the scan of the article that featured the wrong photo. We do hope that this mistake can be resolved and to be taken as an early warning for our next interviews with the mentioned magazine.

Thank you very much for your time.

Best regards,

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