Some People Think that Public Health Within a Country Can Be Improved by Government Making Laws

Some People think that public health within a country can be Improved by Government making laws regarding Nutritious food. Others, however, think that health is a matter of personal choice and responsibility. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Past few decades, humankind got huge thrived in the medical realm and applied science. A number of individuals believe that for improving citizen health, the authority should have to make rules regarding food while others think that it is a totally personal responsibility. Both notions have their own pros and cons; therefore, before commenting on my decision, I will discuss both views in the following paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion.

On the one hand, there are numerous reasons which indicate administration plays a vital role in the health of people. First and foremost, in this contemporary era, the majority of people have hectic work schedules as well as because of not having the culinary skill and other reasons, they prefer unhygienic and convenient food which is deleterious for the health of people. If the bureaucrat surges taxes on junk food or bans it, then it would be better for people. Secondly, in a host of places in the country, especially in developing countries, there are no essential medical amenities like there is no hospital. As a result, if the government made rules regarding hospital numbers, then it is also best for the health of people.

On the other hand, health is also each and every person in country own responsibility, the elected party only made a rule about it and aware people although, following it and adopt that a personal choice. In this digital era, people get wisdom on the net. If people do not follow the health menu, then not only do they, but it also have bad consequences for the country because ‘health is real wealth’ for any country. Apart from it, the administration has other works to do. In case if their main focus is citizen health, then another work pause or is not accomplished; hence, personal responsibility makes their task easy too.

In conclusion, despite government provisions and rules related to health, I believe that self-awareness plays a major role in any person health.

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