The First Man to Walk on The Moon Said Space Exploration Was Going to Change Mankind’s Life

The first man to walk on the moon said space exploration was going to change mankind’s life. Some people argue that it made only a little change to our lives. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It goes without saying that we are living in the era of globalisation. The entire world has turned into a global village. A statement given by an astronomer about the solar analysis system brings broad revamping to a human lifestyle. In sharp contrast, a counterargument is that this method has nothingness alteration in humanity. Both the opinion have some solid arguments to defend each other, which should be looked upon before forming any sort of opinion.

According to the first school of thought, there is a main possible reason that could make people think planets voyage is useless. Firstly, it requires immense financial funds for sophisticated types of equipment in outer space for better visibility, and this leads to the country would be deprived from numerous of resources, and poverty should be measured as a concern in mankind. For instance, for those living in poor countries, benefits from the space world will not be availed by this community, and the services will not consider crucial aspects but rather access to good food and another sort of wealthy products, which they are seeking for. Furthermore, quality of education is a major problem in a few countries, and they need to invest some source of money in resolving this crisis instead of shuttle programmes. To add to it, launching space ships have a higher risk in the operating stage. In other words, if the shuttle gets any specific error, which causes the mission to be unsuccessful and the country would not bear these expenses, then the situation would become worse for the human lifestyle.

However, the opposite group of people deems that exploring the space from the core brings tremendous assets for improving the lifestyle of the individual. There are life-changing experiments with the galaxy that brings massive revolutions to the countries. Put in other words, numerous precious elements and energy fuels would be found during research; this adaptation of novel space technology can help you develop scientific development. For example, a mission conducted by ISRO with the name of Chandrayaan 1 and researchers got wonder-struck when they observed another life would be possible over the planet of the moon in future and able to use for several purposes. In addition, outer space is plenty of components which humans are unfamiliar with them. If these practices should be applicable to human errands, it helps to make a convenient lifestyle for living creatures.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that there are good arguments for and against space exploration. Personally, space research should be restricted to hardcore and heinous impact on human life. There are huge chances of bringing the infection from the outer world and causing human extinction. Therefore, the government need to tackle the sensitive issue, and the country is the first priority instead of space.

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